DIY Packages

Do It Yourself Packages We have packages that include a rental SUV that you pick up in Moab and drop off in Moab, Salt Lake City or Las Vegas. These packages include extra nights in Moab and/or Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Las Vegas or Salt Lake City: Train Packages that include an SUV 6 Night … Read more


Current Promotions We have one promotions right now. If you book a package that begins in Moab, Las Vegas, or Salt Lake City, you will save $150 per person. We’re running this promotion because most people assume you have to start your trip in Denver. Consequently, we have far more seats on the train from … Read more

Packing List

Packing List Since you’re traveling in mountains and desert you’ll want to remember to bring some things you might not need in other environments. Denver, Colorado is 5280 feet (1609 meters) above sea level. Glenwood Springs is 5761 feet (1756 meters) above sea level and Moab is 4026 feet (1227 meters) above sea level. At … Read more

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs: Your Overnight Stay It would be hard to find a more beautiful setting than Glenwood Springs where the Roaring Fork River meets the Colorado, mountains rise up in every direction and the largest hot springs pool in the world waits to welcome you to its healing, soothing waters. This is where you’ll spend … Read more